A Brewing Journey from Bangkok to Tokyo: Thai Couple's Coffee Adventure at Tasse Coffee Roastery

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Best Coffee in Japan

A Brewing Journey from Bangkok to Tokyo: Thai Couple's Coffee Adventure at Tasse Coffee Roastery

Best Coffee in Japan

In the heart of Tokyo, Tasse Coffee Roastery recently welcomed a delightful couple from Thailand, each aspiring to open their own coffee shop back in Bangkok. Eager to refine their coffee brewing and cupping skills, they participated in our specialized brewing experience course, a session designed to impart deep knowledge and practical skills in coffee preparation.

Immersed in Flavor and Technique

Over the course of the workshop, the couple dove into the intricate world of coffee brewing and sensory evaluation. They explored various brewing methods, learning how each technique influences the flavor profile and extraction of the coffee. Our expert trainers guided them through the nuances of cupping, teaching them how to identify distinct flavors and aromas, which is essential for selecting the right beans and roast profiles for their future cafe.

Cultivating a Coffee Connection

The session was not just about learning; it was an exchange of passion and aspirations. The couple shared their dreams and plans for their Bangkok venture, discussing the type of atmosphere they want to create and the coffee culture they hope to cultivate. Their enthusiasm was palpable, and it was inspiring to see their commitment to bringing quality coffee experiences to their city.

A Foundation for Future Success

Best Coffee Shops in Tokyo

By the end of the workshop, they had gained not only knowledge but also confidence in their coffee-making abilities. Armed with new insights and techniques, they are now better prepared to embark on their journey to opening a coffee shop. We at Tasse Coffee Roastery are thrilled to have been a part of their story and look forward to hearing about their success in Bangkok.

Join Us for Your Coffee Journey

Whether you're a seasoned barista or a newcomer to the coffee industry, our workshops are designed to enhance your skills and deepen your appreciation for coffee. Visit us at Tasse Coffee Roastery and take the first step towards mastering the art of coffee.

We cherish every opportunity to share our love for coffee and are excited to welcome more coffee enthusiasts from around the world. If you’re planning to start your coffee venture or simply want to learn more about coffee, join us for a session and let’s brew something great together!

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