01 Proven Leadership in Coffee Education

Tasse Coffee Roastery in Tokyo extends the legacy of its Hong Kong counterpart, recognized as the leading institution for coffee education in Hong Kong. With over 18,000 students who have passed through our doors in last 3 years, we have a proven track record of excellence and a reputation for creating coffee experts.

Students who choose Tasse Coffee for their SCA courses join a lineage of skilled professionals, benefiting from an established curriculum that has shaped some of the finest minds in the coffee industry.

02 Cultivated Global Expertise

Under the tutelage of Wing Yuen, whose journey in coffee has spanned Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan, Tasse Coffee Roastery offers a unique, globally-informed perspective on coffee education. Wing Yuen's diverse experiences and techniques gathered from different coffee cultures converge to provide students with a rich, unparalleled learning experience. His expertise not only enhances the curriculum but also brings a multicultural coffee education right to the heart of Tokyo.

03 Immersive Learning Environment

At Tasse Coffee Roastery, education transcends the conventional classroom. Students immerse themselves in the vibrant atmosphere of a working coffee shop and roastery, equipped with a full range of professional-grade equipment. This real-world setting allows for a hands-on experience that simulates the challenges and rewards of a professional barista and roaster. Training in an operational environment means that students don't just learn to make coffee; they learn to thrive in the coffee industry, mastering skills that cater to real customers and real business needs.

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