A Coffee Lover’s Journey: Discovering Tokyo’s Specialty Coffee Scene

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A Coffee Lover’s Journey: Discovering Tokyo’s Specialty Coffee Scene

A Coffee Lover’s Journey: Discovering Tokyo’s Specialty Coffee Scene

Recently, we had the pleasure of welcoming a young woman from the Philippines to our coffee shop. She was visiting Tokyo for a 10-day trip and wanted to immerse herself in the city’s renowned specialty coffee culture. Coming from a place where specialty coffee is not as prominent, she was eager to learn and appreciate the art of coffee making. To achieve this, she decided to join our comprehensive 4-hour workshop that covered both brewing and latte art.

A Journey of Discovery

Her adventure began with our 2-hour brewing workshop. This session was designed to introduce her to the foundational knowledge of coffee. She learned about different coffee beans, their origins, and the various factors that influence their flavors. The workshop included a cupping exercise where she tasted and evaluated different coffee profiles, enhancing her understanding of how to appreciate the nuances in specialty coffee.

In addition to the theoretical knowledge, she gained practical skills in coffee brewing. Our experienced barista guided her through the process, teaching her the techniques to brew the perfect cup of coffee. By the end of the session, she felt more confident in her ability to make a delicious cup of coffee at home.

Mastering the Art of Latte Making

The next part of her journey was the 2-hour latte art workshop. This hands-on session began with learning how to hold the pitchers and practice latte art using water and milk. Our barista demonstrated the techniques required to create the perfect milk foam – a crucial element for beautiful latte art.

With patience and practice, she learned to pour milk into the espresso, creating intricate designs. The highlight of the workshop was when she made her own latte, complete with a beautiful heart design. She was thrilled to have mastered this new skill and couldn’t wait to showcase her latte art back home.

A Memorable Experience

For our guest, this workshop was more than just a learning experience. It was an opportunity to connect with Tokyo’s vibrant coffee culture and gain a deeper appreciation for specialty coffee. She left our shop with newfound skills, a greater understanding of coffee, and fond memories of her time in Tokyo.

Join Us and Discover the World of Coffee

If you’re planning a visit to Tokyo and have a passion for coffee, we invite you to join our workshops. Whether you’re a novice or a coffee enthusiast, our brewing and latte art workshops offer a unique and enriching experience. Come and learn the art of coffee making, meet like-minded individuals, and take home skills that will enhance your coffee journey.

Thank you for reading, and we look forward to welcoming you to our coffee shop for an unforgettable coffee experience!

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