Espresso and Latte Art Experience at Tasse Coffee Roastery

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Specialty Coffee Tokyo

Espresso and Latte Art Experience at Tasse Coffee Roastery

Specialty Coffee Tokyo

This Monday, our cozy Tokyo-based roastery, Tasse Coffee, welcomed three enthusiastic learners eager to dive deep into the world of espresso and latte art. Over two immersive hours, they embarked on a journey to understand the intricacies of making exceptional espresso and the creative art of latte decoration.

Espresso: The Heart of Coffee

The session kicked off with an introduction to espresso - the essence of many beloved coffee drinks. Our students learned about the origins of espresso, the importance of bean selection, and how different roasts influence the taste profile of the brew. The focus then shifted to the technical skills required to pull a perfect shot of espresso, covering grinding, dosing, tamping, and finally, the extraction process. Our experienced barista demonstrated the process, emphasizing the importance of precision and patience.

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Latte Art: Creativity in a Cup

With the foundations of espresso making established, the course transitioned into the delicate art of latte making. Participants were introduced to the techniques of steaming milk to achieve the perfect microfoam - silky and smooth, ideal for pouring latte art. Our trainer illustrated the basic patterns - the heart, rosetta, and tulip - and guided the students through the hands-on practice of creating these designs themselves.

Each participant took turns behind the espresso machine, steaming milk, and pouring their latte art under the careful guidance of our skilled barista. The room buzzed with excitement as each attempt brought them closer to mastering their designs, turning each cup of coffee into a small piece of art.

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A Shared Journey of Discovery

The workshop provided a unique opportunity for coffee enthusiasts to not only learn about espresso and latte art but to connect with others who share their passion. It was inspiring to witness the determination and joy in the students as they practiced and learned from each other.

As the session concluded, participants left with a deeper appreciation for the art and science of coffee making, equipped with new skills to experiment with at home. It was a reminder of the magic of coffee - bringing people together and inspiring creativity in every cup.

At Tasse Coffee Roastery, we're committed to providing engaging and educational experiences that celebrate the rich culture of coffee. Whether you're a seasoned coffee aficionado or new to the world of specialty coffee, our workshops are designed to deepen your understanding and enhance your enjoyment of coffee.

Stay tuned for more workshops and join us on this flavorful journey. Let's explore the boundless possibilities of coffee together!

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