Exploring Ethiopia's Coffee Legacy: A Taste of Tradition at Tasse Coffee Roastery

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Exploring Ethiopia's Coffee Legacy: A Taste of Tradition at Tasse Coffee Roastery

1. The Enigmatic Varieties of Ethiopia

"Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee, offers a kaleidoscope of flavors. Here, we delve into the heart of its coffee culture. From the world-renowned Yirgacheffe with its enchanting floral notes to the robust, wine-like Sidamo, Ethiopian coffees are a testament to diversity and richness. Each variety, with its unique profile, reflects the distinct terroirs and traditions of Ethiopia, offering coffee lovers a chance to taste history in every cup."


2. Varieties 74110 & 74112: The Resilient Duo

"Developed in the 1970s, Varieties 74110 and 74112 are more than just a triumph of agricultural research; they are a celebration of flavor and resilience. Bred at the Jimma Agricultural Research Center to resist diseases, these varieties blossomed beyond expectations. 74110 delights with its balanced profile, while 74112 offers a unique combination of floral and citrus notes. Together, they symbolize the harmony of durability and exquisite taste, making them cherished among coffee aficionados."


3. Variety 74158: The Sweet Innovator

"74158 emerges as a modern marvel in the Ethiopian coffee landscape. A relatively recent introduction, this variety stands out with its pronounced sweetness, a rarity in Ethiopian coffee profiles. It represents a fusion of tradition and innovation, blending the classic Ethiopian flavors with a contemporary twist. The result is a rich, sweet profile that captivates the palate, making it a favorite for those seeking a new coffee experience."


4. Heirlooms & Yirgacheffe: Ancient Aromas Reborn

"Ethiopia's heirloom varieties, including the famed Yirgacheffe, are like a bridge to the past. These ancient varieties carry the essence of coffee's original wildness. Yirgacheffe, in particular, is celebrated for its delicate, tea-like qualities and enchanting jasmine aroma. These beans offer more than just a drink; they provide a sensory journey through time, connecting us to the early days of coffee cultivation."


5. Sidamo: The Citrusy Heritage

"Sidamo, a highland gem, is renowned for its unique profile characterized by bright acidity and refreshing citrus notes. The beans from this region are a reflection of the diverse Ethiopian landscape, showcasing the influence of altitude and climate on coffee flavor. Sidamo's beans are a delightful paradox, combining a light, floral aroma with a surprisingly full body, making them a sought-after variety among coffee connoisseurs."

6. Embracing Coffee Education at Tasse Coffee Roastery

"At Tasse Coffee Roastery, we're passionate about sharing the rich tapestry of Ethiopian coffee. Our SCA-certified coffee courses offer an immersive experience into the world of specialty coffee. From bean selection and roasting techniques to brewing and tasting, our courses cover it all. Join us to deepen your understanding of coffee, develop your brewing skills, and become part of a global community of coffee enthusiasts and professionals." 

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