Journey to SCA Coffee Mastery: A Philippine Student's Experience in Japan

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Coffee Roasting Classes

In the vibrant heart of Japan's coffee scene, our roastery stands as a beacon for those passionate about diving deep into the world of coffee. Recently, we had the privilege of welcoming a dedicated student from the Philippines, embarking on a transformative journey through our Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) certified sensory and roasting courses. This story is not just about the pursuit of coffee education; it's a celebration of cross-cultural connections and the shared commitment to excellence in the coffee industry.

A Global Quest for Coffee Excellence

The student's quest for mastery led them to our roastery, known for offering the best SCA coffee training in Japan. With courses conducted in English, we provide an inclusive environment for international students, ensuring that language is no barrier to the pursuit of coffee knowledge. Our programs, designed for all levels of expertise, offer a comprehensive exploration of sensory analysis and roasting techniques, making us a prime destination for those seeking the best coffee training in a welcoming, English-speaking setting.

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Embarking on Sensory Skills Training

The journey began with our SCA Sensory Skills courses, where the student dove into the world of coffee flavors, aromas, and textures. The Introduction to Sensory Skills course set the foundation, teaching basic tastes, the coffee flavor wheel, and the key qualities of coffee. Progressing to the Intermediate Sensory Skills course, the student explored advanced tasting techniques, the science behind flavor perception, and cupping protocols for quality assessment. These courses were pivotal in developing a keen sensory acuity, essential for anyone involved in coffee quality control.

Coffee Roasting Classes

Mastering the Craft of Roasting

Equally pivotal was the journey through our SCA Roasting courses. Starting with the Introduction to Roasting course, the student learned about the roasting process, machine operation, and the principles of heat transfer. Advancing to the Intermediate Roasting course, they gained insights into roast profiling, techniques for achieving desired roast levels, and quality control measures. These lessons equipped the student with the skills to transform green beans into aromatic masterpieces, ready for brewing.

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Beyond the Beans: A Story of Passion and Community

This educational odyssey was more than just acquiring skills; it was about joining a global community passionate about elevating the standards of coffee. The student from the Philippines not only left with a deeper understanding of sensory analysis and roasting but also with a sense of belonging to a wider coffee family committed to sustainability, ethics, and excellence.

Join Our Journey of Coffee Mastery

Our doors are open to all coffee enthusiasts, from beginners to seasoned professionals, looking to embark on their own journey of discovery. With our SCA-certified courses and a supportive, English-speaking community, we invite you to join us in Japan for an unparalleled coffee education experience. Together, let's brew a future where passion for coffee and dedication to craft transcends borders.

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