Unveiling the SCA Skills Diplomas for Coffee Mastery

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The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has revolutionized its educational offerings with the introduction of the SCA Skills Diplomas, marking a significant evolution from its previous Coffee Skills Diploma, famously known as the “100-point diploma.” This change reflects a strategic pivot towards a more specialized and job-focused credentialing system within the specialty coffee industry, aiming to equip professionals with the expertise necessary for specific roles in this dynamic field.

The new SCA Skills Diplomas system is comprised of four distinct diplomas: Café, Roastery, Coffee Trade, and Sustainable Coffee. Each diploma is designed to provide learners with in-depth knowledge and practical experience that can be directly applied in the workplace. This initiative is a response to the growing demand for specialized skills in the coffee sector, ensuring that professionals are well-prepared for success in their chosen paths.

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Café Diploma

The Café Diploma focuses on hands-on learning experiences that enable individuals to create, prepare, communicate, and promote specialty coffee experiences. This diploma is essential for those looking to excel in the café sector, providing skills in customer service, beverage preparation, and café management.

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Roastery Diploma

The Roastery Diploma delves into the development, production, quality assurance, and communication of roasted coffee. It is designed for individuals aiming for leadership roles in coffee roasting operations, covering everything from green coffee selection to roasting techniques and quality control.

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Coffee Trade Diploma

The Coffee Trade Diploma covers the handling, evaluation, sensory analysis, and trade of green coffee. It is tailored for those interested in the commercial side of the coffee industry, including buying, selling, and trading green coffee.

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Sustainable Coffee Diploma

The Sustainable Coffee Diploma is aimed at those who wish to contribute to the sustainability of the coffee industry. It covers best practices and projects that promote a more sustainable coffee sector, from farm to cup.

One of the notable features of the new diploma system is the introduction of digital diploma badges. These badges are shareable and embeddable icons that diploma holders can use to showcase their achievements on social media, email signatures, websites, and more. This digital recognition allows professionals to communicate their accomplishments and skills to employers, clients, and peers effectively.

The SCA Skills Diplomas represent a significant shift towards specialized education in the coffee industry. By offering targeted learning pathways, the SCA aims to prepare individuals for specific roles within the sector, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge required for success. The introduction of these diplomas underscores the SCA's commitment to advancing the specialty coffee industry through education and professional development.

For those new to the coffee industry or looking to advance their careers, pursuing one or more of the SCA Skills Diplomas is a strategic step towards achieving professional success. Each diploma's curriculum is carefully designed to ensure that learners gain practical experience and knowledge that can be immediately applied in their jobs, making them valuable assets in the specialty coffee sector.

Explore each diploma and learn more about their specific focus and required courses on the official SCA Education website.

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