📣 October 17, 2023, is a big day! Because⋯⋯Tasse Coffee's Japanese branch is opening! 🎉

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📣 October 17, 2023, is a big day! Because⋯⋯Tasse Coffee's Japanese branch is opening! 🎉

Freshly Grinded Coffee

The branch is located in Takadanobaba, Tokyo, a place that combines a roastery and a coffee shop, definitely a paradise for coffee lovers😍 From now on, our coffee beans from Hong Kong will be regularly air-freighted from Japan to Hong Kong, ensuring that you can enjoy fresh local coffee in classes and events. If interested, you can also buy some to taste at home☕️🇯🇵✈️

To celebrate the opening, we are launching a promotional event! Just complete the following steps and enjoy the second cup at half price when you fly to Japan! 🎁

1️⃣ Follow @tasse.coffee.roastery 2️⃣ Order two cups of fresh and fragrant coffee at the Tokyo store 3️⃣ Show proof of following our IG at checkout and enjoy the second cup at half price🤩 (The half-price discount applies to the lower-priced drink) 4️⃣ Enjoy your 🇯🇵coffee😚

This limited-time offer is until 21/10/2023. For those planning to go to Tokyo, or those who decide to go to Tokyo spontaneously, remember to mark this date😆📝 Even if you depart a bit later, by following both IGs, you can receive the latest promotions from Tasse in both Hong Kong and Japan in real-time!

📍 1-6-12 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku, Tokyo 🚋 JR Takadanobaba Waseda Exit / Subway Tozai Line Exit 7

We look forward to meeting you internationally and having coffee chats😝

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📣 2023年10月17日は大きな日です!なぜなら⋯⋯Tasse Coffeeの日本支店がオープンするからです!🎉



1️⃣ @tasse.coffee.roasteryをフォロー 2️⃣ 東京の店舗で2杯の新鮮で香り高いコーヒーをオーダー 3️⃣ チェックアウト時に、私たちのIGをフォローしていることを示し、2杯目半額の特典を受ける🤩(半額特典は、価格が低いドリンクに適用されます) 4️⃣ あなたの🇯🇵コーヒーを楽しんで😚


📍 東京都新宿区高田馬場 1-6-12 🚋 JR高田馬場早稲田出口 / 地下鉄東西線7出口


#新店舗オープン #オープニングプロモーション #2杯目半額 #新鮮な焙煎コーヒー #日本のコーヒー豆 #日本のカフェ #カップイベント


📣 2023年10月17日係大日子喎!因為⋯⋯Tasse Coffee日本分店開張喇!🎉



1️⃣ Follow @tasse.coffee.roastery
2️⃣ 去東京現場order 兩杯新鮮香噴噴嘅咖啡
3️⃣ 結帳時出示已follow我哋IG嘅證明,即享第二杯半價優惠🤩(半價優惠以價錢較低之飲品計算)
4️⃣ Enjoy your 🇯🇵coffee😚


📍 東京都新宿高田馬場 1-6-12
🚋 JR高田馬場早稻田出口 / 地下鐵東西線7出口


#分店開幕 #開業優惠 #第二杯半價 #新鮮烘焙咖啡 #日本咖啡豆 #日本咖啡店

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