A Swiss Barista's Journey to Mastery in Tokyo

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This month, our Tokyo coffee shop was delighted to welcome a dedicated barista from Switzerland, who chose to spend a month in Japan not only to soak in the cultural delights but also to elevate his skills in a professional setting. Participating in our SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) Barista Intermediate class, he embarked on a journey to refine his brewing techniques and enhance his sensory analysis skills.

Specialty Coffee Tokyo

Advanced Learning with SCA Barista Intermediate Class

Our SCA Barista Intermediate class is tailored for baristas like him, who have some experience but are looking to deepen their knowledge and achieve recognition through an SCA certification. This course dives into more sophisticated aspects of coffee making, including the science of extraction, milk chemistry, and the intricacies of sensory evaluation.

Sensory Calibration and Workflow Optimization

A significant focus of the SCA Intermediate class is on sensory skills—a crucial area for baristas who wish to excel in their craft. Through detailed sensory exercises designed to sharpen his palate, he learned to distinguish subtle flavor notes and aromas, enhancing his ability to craft a perfect cup of coffee. These sessions proved invaluable, offering him insights into the complexities of coffee that go beyond ordinary taste perceptions.

Alongside sensory training, we emphasized improving barista workflow. The course addressed efficient techniques that minimize waste and maximize quality. He was introduced to methods that streamline espresso extraction and milk steaming processes, ensuring that every action behind the bar is purposeful and impactful.

Cultural Immersion and Inspirational Exchange

Living in Tokyo, our student experienced firsthand the meticulous nature of Japanese coffee culture. This exposure complemented his learning, as he saw innovative brewing methods and customer service excellence that Tokyo's coffee shops are known for. This blend of structured learning and cultural immersion provided a well-rounded experience that will undoubtedly influence his professional life back in Switzerland.

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Reflections on His Educational Journey

As he completed the course, he reflected on his growth and the profound impact of his experiences in Tokyo. He appreciated not only the technical skills gained but also the softer aspects of coffee making, such as the importance of storytelling in coffee and creating memorable customer experiences. Armed with SCA certification and enriched by diverse experiences, he is now well-equipped to advance his career in specialty coffee.

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