Brewing New Experiences: My Journey to Guam for a Special Coffee Mission

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Coffee Roasting Classes


Coffee Roasting Classes

Last week, I embarked on a unique adventure, a journey that took me to the tropical paradise of Guam. This wasn’t your typical vacation getaway; it was a mission fueled by passion and the aromatic allure of coffee. I was invited by one of the town’s most prestigious bakery shops, known for its high-quality offerings and commitment to excellence, to help them embark on a new venture – introducing specialty coffee drinks to their already impressive lineup.

The Vision

The shop, a cornerstone of the community and a beacon of culinary mastery, decided it was time to enhance its customer experience by adding a specialty coffee corner. Recognizing the growing appreciation for quality coffee among their patrons, they aimed to provide an unmatched coffee experience, complementing their exquisite baked goods. To achieve this, they reached out to me, seeking expertise in setting up the corner and training their team to master the art of coffee making.

The Setup

The process of setting up the coffee corner was an exercise in creativity and precision. We aimed to create a space that not only served the functional needs of coffee preparation but also embodied the warm, inviting atmosphere of the bakery. Every piece of equipment was carefully selected, from the espresso machine to the grinders, ensuring they met the standards necessary to produce specialty coffee. We designed the layout to be efficient for the baristas while being welcoming and accessible to the customers, making the coffee experience an integral part of their visit.

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The Training

Equally important to the physical setup was the training provided to the bakery’s team. Based on the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) barista training, our sessions were tailored to equip the staff with the knowledge and skills to craft exceptional coffee drinks. From understanding coffee origins and processing methods to mastering the techniques of espresso extraction and milk frothing, the team was immersed in a comprehensive learning experience. The training wasn’t just about following recipes; it was about instilling a passion for coffee and a dedication to quality that mirrors the bakery’s own ethos.

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The Impact

Over the course of a few days, I witnessed a remarkable transformation. The bakery staff, initially novices in the world of specialty coffee, became confident baristas, ready to impress with their newly acquired skills. The coffee corner, once an idea, became a reality – a cozy nook where customers can now savor the perfect blend of coffee and baked delights.

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This experience was a reminder of the universal language of coffee and its power to bring people together. It was an honor to help the bakery expand its offerings and contribute to creating moments of joy for its customers. As I left Guam, I took with me not just memories of a beautiful island but the satisfaction of knowing that there’s a little corner that now brews happiness, one cup at a time.

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