Elevating Coffee Mastery: A Malaysian Student's Journey Through SCA Intermediate & Professional Courses

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This March, Tasse Coffee Roastery was delighted to welcome back a dedicated student from Malaysia, who previously joined us for the SCA foundation programs. On his continued quest for coffee excellence, he embarked on the more advanced SCA Intermediate and Professional courses, diving deeper into the intricacies of Brewing, Barista Skills, and Sensory Analysis.

Specialty Coffee Tokyo

Crafting the Perfect Cup: SCA CSP Brewing Professional

Our brewing professional course is designed for those seeking to perfect their pour-over and espresso techniques. It's here that our student honed his skills, learning the subtle art of extracting the richest flavors and aromas from each bean. This course challenged him to consider the science behind the brew, the impact of water quality, and the precision of grind size, all to achieve that elusive perfect cup.

Beyond the Basics: SCA CSP Barista Intermediate

The Barista Intermediate course at Tasse Coffee Roastery is where passion meets profession. Focusing on advanced espresso-making techniques, milk texturing, and latte art, this course enabled our student to enhance his barista skills significantly. He was introduced to the complexities of different espresso machines, dialing in shots to customer preferences, and the management of a high-volume coffee bar.

A Symphony of Flavors: SCA CSP Sensory Intermediate

With a developed palate and a deepened understanding of coffee's sensory dimensions, the Sensory Intermediate course was an exploration into the heart of coffee flavors and aromas. Our student learned how to run professional cupping sessions, identify and articulate flavor profiles, and understand the nuances that contribute to the specialty coffee experience.

Through these courses, our Malaysian student not only expanded his knowledge but also his perspective on the potential within the coffee industry. As he prepares to open his own coffee shop, the expertise gained from Tasse Coffee Roastery’s SCA-certified programs will undoubtedly be the cornerstone of his future success.

A Global Coffee Community

Tasse Coffee Roastery is proud to be part of a global community that fosters growth, knowledge, and a shared love for coffee. Our courses, led by experienced trainers, offer a platform for coffee enthusiasts from all over the world, like our Malaysian student, to enhance their skills and take their coffee journey to professional heights.

As he returns to Malaysia, equipped with new skills and insights, we eagerly anticipate the waves he will make in the coffee scene. Tasse Coffee Roastery remains committed to supporting all our students, near and far, as they become the new generation of coffee professionals.

Join us, and like our Malaysian student, you could be the next to elevate your passion for coffee into a professional craft.

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